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By AnnwnProductions|May 6, 2016|Newsroom|

It’s been a busy couple of months for Rhia and I, both as a company and individuals – Rhia graduated and I landed a copywriting job with a start-up marketing company. Nevertheless, Annwn continues to develop and our ambitions just keep getting bigger.

Flat 666

The first thing to notes is that due to unforeseen circumstances and a desire to “get it right,” I made the difficult decision to pull production of Flat 666 back in July last year. As the time grew closer, I became increasingly concerned with the potential quality of the final product. I decided that it would be best to pause and rethink our plans and the direction Flat 666 had taken.

Thankfully, the entire cast was very understanding and was excited to reprise their roles in future should I decided to go ahead with Flat 666 at a later date.
Well, that time has come. It’s been awhile but Flat 666 is starting to take shape again. In a different form.

The original drafts of Flat 666 were very focused on vlogging culture and we have decided to return to that root for the new production. I’m reimagining Flat 666 in line with Youtuber culture and the cast will essentially be talking to the camera in a sit-down interview style. Flat 666 2.0 will play out be reimagined as a 13 part (roughly 3-6 minutes) web series which will go out

Flat 666 2.0 will play out over 13 roughly 3-6 minute episodes which will go out over Youtube next September (2017) in line with the start of the Cardiff student year. The story will be further developed via Twitter, Instagram and blog.

I have enlisted the help of two members of the Flat 666 cast, Mathew Rushmere and Emma Loveday, to aid me in planning and writing all 13 episodes. Filming is, at this moment, slated to run from August 2016 to December 2016.

Annwn Productions on Youtube

In the process of planning to launch Flat 666 on Youtube, we realised that we may as well launch a channel for the company and upload weekly content throughout the year. We had so many ideas flying around that we had no idea what to do with and then BAM! It all suddenly feel into place.

We had so many ideas flying around that we had no idea what to do with and then BAM! It all suddenly feel into place.

Over the next year, we will be working tirelessly on two more web series for Youtube, one inspired by Matilda and the other a parody of Pretty Little Liars, among numerous others. Both will be delivered through Youtube vlogging culture.

Time is short and as such we have enlisted the help of Laura Cunningham and Cerian Lewis (Flat 666) to develop and write these pieces. Rhia and I are set to produce and film. The series are currently being developed with a goal of beginning production during July.

That’s all the news from us for now. More updates when pre-production begins.

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