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By AnnwnProductions|August 28, 2014|Everything Is Mad Here|

All eyes will be on Once Upon a Time’s up and coming season four premiere on the 28th September  as they merge yet another fairytale – or fairytales – into their messed up and twisted world.  Most of Kitsis and Horowitz’ creation has brilliantly warped and transformed some of the world’s favourite bedtime stories (we won’t talk about the Neverland incident of 2013).  Like all the uberfans of the show, we discuss and dissect Once Upon A Time on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.  Some of these conversations have led to the following predications for season 4: 

Kitsis & Horowitz have graciously gifted us with the title of episode four…The Apprentice. Elsa definitely would have needed a teacher to better control her powers. Who better than our very own magic seeking Rumple?  Rumple in a discussion with Belle talks about his doorless vault and the extreme magic that lay within it. Aka the urn from which Elsa emerged. Rumple concluded that the power inside that fault was something even he feared. 

We think that Rumple was Elsa’s mentor and upon seeing her power and learning from past mistakes *cough* annoying green woman *cough* He decided to entrap Elsa so that she could not threaten or rival him.
After all, the last person Rumple trained other than Regina ended up green with envy …so it would make sense that another of his progenies may end up a little bit icy toward the trickster extraordinaire.

Just thought,

After two season of apparent death, Maleficent will return to Once Upon a Time as a guest star for season four. *Cue the Mardi gras parade for Rhia’s favourite villain* Our questions immediately were how and why? The how we aren’t so sure on. Although Rhia has a theory involving a sleeping curse but who knows. The why however could have something to do with Kitsis and Horowitz’ claim that Elizabeth Mitchell’s character will be connected to someone in Arendelle and Storybrooke. We think the Storybrooke someone is Maleficent. 


They’re both blonde and blue eyed. Do the maths!

Okay, we’ll just spell it out. We think they’re sisters. So in other words, Regina cursed and “killed” the Ice Queen’s sister…. Oops

All aboard the ‘down with Regina’ train. 

Hans is in cahoots with the Ice Queen. We don’t really know why – or how – but we’re convinced that this is going to happen. 

We think its pretty safe to say that the road for Robin and Regina’s romance is going to be bumpy one thanks to Marion’s arrival in Storybrooke. Not to mention the fact, Regina had Marion killed in the first place… pretty sure it was just a big misunderstanding. 

*cough* Regal Minion *cough*

That said, soul mates are soul mates and true love is true love. Robin and Regina belong together. Tink said so… and you have to believe in fairies.

Otherwise they die.

Plus on the side of casting, Roland Hood does not look like Marion’s child. He’s such a mini-Regina. Bailee Madison is probably already primed to welcome him into the club (because these days beautiful Bailey is looking more like a mini-Lana than a little Ginnifer. Just sayin’).

Being adorable as per.  And making us cry. A lot. 

Oh and Henry will probably grow four inches during filming. 

Lastly, with the news that Elizabeth Mitchell will be playing an ice-y character from yet another fairy tale (potentially, The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson), we had to wonder how she would be connected to Elsa in the end.  After much discussion, we came to the conclusion that Elsa’s parental situation might not actually be as it appeared in the movie. We think that Elsa is the lovechild of the King and the Ice Queen. If we’re wrong about that, Rhia has every intention of working it into her upcoming fairytale based novels.

Those are just some of our thoughts…we may be wrong but we could very well be right. Hopefully we’re right. That would be awesome.

If we’re right, Kitsis, Horowitz, I wants a job on OUAT and Rhia wants a job on anything else you write that isn’t OUAT…mainly because she doesn’t want to share her ideas with you. Because she wants to write them. Herself… if that’s the case I probably shouldn’t have written this post. Oopth. My bad.

Thanks for reading,
Later, Nerds. 

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