Update – Flat 666, Annwn on Youtube & New Projects

By AnnwnProductions|May 6, 2016|Newsroom|

It’s been a busy couple of months for Rhia and I, both as a company and individuals – Rhia graduated and I landed a copywriting job with a start-up marketing company. Nevertheless, Annwn continues to develop and our ambitions just keep getting bigger. Flat 666 The first thing to notes is that due to unforeseen circumstances and a desire to “get it right,” I made the difficult decision to pull production of Flat 666 back in July last year. As the time grew closer, I became increasingly concerned with the potential quality of the final product. I decided that it would be best to pause and rethink our plans and the direction Flat 666 had taken. Thankfully, the entire cast was very understanding and

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Table Reads

By AnnwnProductions|June 19, 2015|Newsroom|

Last night we got almost the whole cast together for our first table read. Proceedings got off to a bit of a rocky start, thanks to the Atrium’s inability to book rooms properly. However, their enthusiasm to get Flat 666 moving was amazingly infectious and, thankfully, no one cared that we had to move twice. They were enthusiastic to the point of wanting to film an impromptu charities spoof for our IndieGoGo campaign. The quality is questionable so whether we upload it is still to be determined. Watch this space and you might catch a glimpse of our cast in and out of character. Can you tell the difference?

Announcing the cast of Flat 666….

By AnnwnProductions|June 12, 2015|Newsroom|

So here it is, albeit a little delayed. After a gruelling casting process, Jamie and I had the difficult task of choosing and, most of all, agreeing on our cast. Conflicting schedules and sudden job offers only added to the mind boggling task we had ahead of us. Thankfully, we are now in the position to comfortably announce our cast to the world.  So here they are, the flat members of Flat 666, their unruly neighbours, energetic fresher’s helper and interesting students:  Follow us on Facebook for more information on the cast and regular updates on the production. 

Casting Call: Flat 666

By AnnwnProductions|March 11, 2015|Newsroom|

CASTING CALL FOR MOCKUMENTARY TV SERIES PILOT Flat 666 is a transmedia mockumentary TV series documenting the lives of eight first year University students as they  deal with the trials and tribulations of University life.  During their first semester, Aria, Karson, Scott, James, Avery, Jaime, Dafydd and Leonardo run into some new and unexpected situations in their academic, love and home lives.  As if adapting to their new lives away from home wasn’t hard enough, now the group of freshers need to learn to live with complete strangers.  In the course of just one day, Aria’s comfortably contained world derails as she is forced to squash her antisocial tendencies. With mixed feelings, the occupants of Flat 666 and their four unruly neighbours plunge head

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Flat 6.66 Production Update

By AnnwnProductions|January 27, 2015|Newsroom|

For a month of new starts, January has been rather unkind to our production plans but it has taught me a lot about people and my ability to start troubleshooting problems months in advance. It seems I have been preparing for Flat 6.66 to run into problems since November. Two weeks before the final script deadline, I found myself having to reassess our production plans. With my team of writers (all but one) proving that they lack any ability to schedule their work commitments, I have had to make the difficult decision to ensure that Flat 6.66 will still see some kind of production. Rather than filming all fifteen episodes of Flat 6.66 during the summer, I have decided that returning to our original

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Writersroom begins tomorrow

By AnnwnProductions|October 31, 2014|Newsroom|

After a month of meeting with writers and discussing what will be, tomorrow’s the day. The day that will jump start the physical conversion of ‘Flat 6.66’ from an idea to a Web Series in production. Tomorrow, we start the intensive process of creating content for the series. ‘Flat 6.66’ is a mockumentary style Web Series which will essentially follow the lives of eight freshers as they adapt to their new lives away from home. The series will be aired weekly from the end of Fresher’s Week 2015 via Youtube in September 2015 in 18 blocks of 20-25 minute episodes.  7 writers. 5 days. 18 Episodes. 

Flat 6.66 News

By AnnwnProductions|August 28, 2014|Newsroom|

Christina & Rhia have completed the pilot episode for Webseries Flat 666. The two plan to progress the project to writersroom in November this year and will begin searching for fellow student writers from October. The intention is to have everything in place to begin low budget filming during Summer 2015.