TV Review – Limitless

By Christina Bevan|April 14, 2016|Everything Is Mad Here|

  You’ll probably recognise the name of this show and the story concept from the 2011 Bradley Cooper film of the same name. If you don’t, then you really need to go watch that film to understand just how much potential Craig Sweeny (Medium, Elementary) held in his hands when he pitched Limitless to the CBS bosses. Limitless tells the story of a 28-year old directionless slacker, Brian Finch (Jack McDorman, Manhattan Love Story, Greek), who refuses to give up on his dreams of musical fame. He’s a lost cause to his family. The only person who still believes in him is his father, played by Brothers & Sisters veteran Ron Rifkin. The last man standing, Brian turns to temping and runs into an ex-band

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TV Review – American Horror Story: Hotel

By Christina Bevan|April 13, 2016|Everything Is Mad Here|

In the words of Ryan Murphy, Hotel definitely isn’t a hit right out of the gate. Denis O’Hare as Liz Taylor American Horror Story: Hotel is the fifth installment in Ryan Murphy’s (Glee, Scream Queens) horror anthology which centers on the Hotel Cortez in downtown LA. The hotel is host to an endless array of strange and bizarre characters and incidents. One thing is certain, however; if you die in the hotel, you spend eternity confined within its walls. Hotel clearly defines itself in style and genre with peephole-style shots and stomach-churning edits. Yet something is still missing. The jumble of character narratives prevents Hotel from gaining any real grip. It takes at least five episodes for the series to gain momentum. Ryan Murphy’s track

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TV Review – Lucifer

By Christina Bevan|April 12, 2016|Everything Is Mad Here|

Tom Ellis’ Lucifer is wonderfully sarcastic and refreshing. What more could you expect from a Welshman trying to fill the void left by Ioan Gruffudd (Forever) and Matt Ryan (Constantine) on our screens? Lucifer was created by Tom Kapinos (Californication) based on a character created and developed by Neil Gaiman and Mike Carey in the Sandman comic book series. Lucifer focuses on the bored Devil, Lucifer (Tom Ellis – Miranda, Once Upon a Time), who abandoned his throne for the thrills of Los Angeles. The death of a friend leads Lucifer to Chloe Decker (Lauren German – Chicago Fire), an LAPD homicide detective who is strangely impervious to Lucifer’s charms. The Lord of Hell, it seems, is rather fond of a good mystery. Fond enough

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Supergirl: The series so far

By Christina Bevan|January 25, 2016|Everything Is Mad Here|

Supergirl is one of those shows you can’t help but route for. Sadly, that has nothing to do with a gripping story or compelling characters. No, I route for Supergirl because of the step forward it represents for Hollywood. An entire TV series dedicated to a female Superhero? Not just guest appearances here and there. An entire series… About time! Of course, that’s not counting Netflix’s Jessica Jones which is even newer. For that reason alone, I held off on passing judgement. Every show needs time to find it’s feel and this one is no different. Plus, I am enjoying the tiny pieces of information the writers are offering. When you feel for a character, it’s easy to overlook their faults… until you start

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New Incarnation for Mortal Instruments

By Christina Bevan|January 17, 2016|Everything Is Mad Here|

WARNING: May Contain Spoliers Shadowhunters is the newest incarnation of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series. It’s release date fittingly coincided with another reincarnation – that of ABC Family in the form of Freeform. As many may already be aware, Shadowhunter is not the first attempt to adapt The Mortal Instruments to screen. Constantine Films release The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in 2013 which starred Lily Collins (Mirror Mirror, Stuck in Love) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Sweeney Todd). The film flopped for reason unknown – although, I’d wager Constantine Films was banking on a fan base that didn’t yet exist to fuel the films climb to Franchise stardom such as the likes of Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. Saying that, the

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Our Favourite Little Liars are Back and All Grown Up.

By Rhianne Williams|January 14, 2016|Everything Is Mad Here|

WARNING! THIS POST WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS BUT BE A DEAR AND READ ANYWAY.   Let us all just take a moment to process that Pretty Little Liars is back and if history is anything to go by we’re all emotionally doomed. Are we all ready? I know I’m not. It has been five long months since the Liars last graced our screens and the world found out the CeCe Drake/Charlotte Dilaurentis (Vanessa Ray) was in fact the big bad, A. Something this fangirl is still not over. Alas, like I. Marlene King promised the second half of season six is set five years in the future and finds the liars living their grown up, A-less lives far away from Rosewood. That is apart

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A Rocky Start for Angel From Hell

By Christina Bevan|January 10, 2016|Everything Is Mad Here|

Thursday night Jane Lynch graced our screens once again in a new comedy pilot from CBS called Angel From Hell. Created and written by Tad Quil (Scrubs, Samantha Who?), Angel From Hell opened on a 1.6 rating among adults 18-49 with 8 million viewers. The best thing about Angel From Hell is Jane Lynch (Glee, Two and a Half Men) and that’s only because her character, Amy, is actually a three dimensional character with potential for growth. For those of you who are as yet unaware of Angel From Hell, as was the case with my writing partner, Angel from Hell is a comedy in which an alcoholic guardian angel, Amy (Lynch) reveals herself to Allison (Maggie Lawson), her charge, and the stalker-ish

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What I learnt from ‘Showrunners: The Art of Running a Tv Show’

By Christina Bevan|November 17, 2014|Everything Is Mad Here|

Last night, or the early hours of this morning, I discovered a documentary focused entirely on my end goal. I want to be a showrunner. I want to make great TV and I want to lead a team in creating that TV. Why? I have absolutely no clue. I might be crazy but we all have to have goals, right? This documentary is something that I wish I had seen before ‘Flat 666′ went into Writers Room. It would have explained away a lot of my doubts and shouted “say no, it’s okay!’. But alas, the night ‘Showrunners’ released, I was probably already walking into Writers Room pulling at every straw I could find – at the time – to understand how I

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Quiet down. The writers are talking…ONCE UPON A TIME and FROZEN

By AnnwnProductions|August 28, 2014|Everything Is Mad Here|

All eyes will be on Once Upon a Time’s up and coming season four premiere on the 28th September  as they merge yet another fairytale – or fairytales – into their messed up and twisted world.  Most of Kitsis and Horowitz’ creation has brilliantly warped and transformed some of the world’s favourite bedtime stories (we won’t talk about the Neverland incident of 2013).  Like all the uberfans of the show, we discuss and dissect Once Upon A Time on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.  Some of these conversations have led to the following predications for season 4:  ELSA & RUMPLE  Kitsis & Horowitz have graciously gifted us with the title of episode four…The Apprentice. Elsa definitely would have needed a teacher to better

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