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Flat 666 is a transmedia mockumentary TV series documenting the lives of eight first year University students as they  deal with the trials and tribulations of University life.  During their first semester, Aria, Karson, Scott, James, Avery, Jaime, Dafydd and Leonardo run into some new and unexpected situations in their academic, love and home lives.  As if adapting to their new lives away from home wasn’t hard enough, now the group of freshers need to learn to live with complete strangers. 

In the course of just one day, Aria’s comfortably contained world derails as she is forced to squash her antisocial tendencies. With mixed feelings, the occupants of Flat 666 and their four unruly neighbours plunge head first into student life, crashing into some new and unexpected situations along the way. The first of which sees Aria, who dislikes people, tackle a speed meet event. Script extract available at


ARIA – Female. 21. Welsh. Dark hair, pale features (think Wednesday Addams). Average build. Anti-social and sarcastic.

SCOTT – Male. 20. Scottish. Typical Scot appearance wise. Introverted, resiliently anxious but a voice of reason. (Ned from Pushing Daisies, Frankie from Rizzoli & Isles).

KARSON – Female. 20. Bristolian with Jamaican descent (must be medium to dark skin tone). Brown hair, average size.  (Leslie Knopp crossed with Dan from Gossip Girl).

JAMES – Male. 23. Northern Irish. Tall, tanned and handsome. Laidback, twp and childlike (think Andy from Parks and Rec).

JAIME – Female. 18. American (California). Petite. Preppy and neat. (Regina George/Blair Waldorf crossed with Tate from American Horror Story.)

DAFYDD – 18. North Walian. Tall, thin, hipster. (think Schmidt, New Girl, or Xander, Buffy).

LEONARDO – Male. 18. Italian. Dark hair, tanned features. Charming and over confident mama’s boy.

AVERY – Female. 20. Irish but London raised. Dancer’s build. Blunt adrenaline junky who’s rarely seen sober. (think Serena from Gossip Girl or Karen from Will and Grace).  


ANNALISE – Female 23. Welsh. Any build and appearance. Hyperactive and loud Fresher’s Helper.

RIVER – Male. 23/25- Any nationality & build. An unsuspecting fresher with cheesy pick up lines and an inability to sense when he’s lost the crowd. 

At least 30 extras needed for a pub scene.

  Auditions: 12th & 13th May between 10AM & 5PM in Cardiff

Production: 13th-20th July in Cardiff  

All roles are unpaid but will make for excellent show reel footage.  If the funds become available to offer expenses, I intend to do so. 

If you are interested in any of the above roles, please email me at with a head shot, show reel (if available) and a CV including specifics of appearance and the roles you are interested in.

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