Annwn Productions Scriptwriting Duo


Christina Bevan & Rhia Williams Writing Duo


Christina Bevan and Rhia Williams grew up in a small town community in the South Wales valleys. The same age - 24 - the two are total opposites in both attitude and appearance.

Whilst Rhia was an introvert who grew up reading books and dreamt of becoming a pathologist, Christina was a confident TV fanatic who dreamt of becoming a dancer. Neither of those dreams were realised but were soon replaced with an ambition and love for writing.

They don’t remember how they actually met but it seems to have worked out for the best.

Christina Bevan Annwn Productions

Christina has recently completed her Masters in Scriptwriting at the University of South Wales. She can be found travelling back and forth between Cardiff and London almost monthly attending various industry events, workshops and networking.

Before venturing somewhat reluctantly into screenwriting, Christina completed a chicklit novel and now plans to write and adapt work for TV, Film and Theatre. Christina's debut novel, Caru In Wonderland, is currently available on from 9th November 2015.

Annwn Productions Rhia Williams

Unlike Christina, Rhia did not get a passport until she was eighteen and has spent most of her life living between the South and West of her home nation. She recently graduated from the University of South Wales with a BA Hons in Theatre and Drama which included scriptwriting, directing, devising and acting.

In the past, Rhia has studied other arts including fashion and costume design, illustration and fine art. Right now, she has a novel in the works as well as a play. She has written a number of scripts for short films.

Their first joint effort ‘31-10’ reached the last five percent of the BBC Writersroom for Television Drama this year. It has since resulted in the creation of ‘Flat 666,’ a mockumentary about the trials and tribulations of university life, and a musical, ‘Home,’ which is about a group of twenty something’s who find home in a single person.

Having already named Annwn Productions, Christina and Rhia hope that they will have more than a name some day. They hope to give Wales a voice by creating a platform upon which Welsh ‘creatives’ can share their work with the world. After all they are from the land of poetry and song.